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Hello. OpenStack is a massively scalable cloud operating system.


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AT&T, Canonical, HP, IBM, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE.

CCAT, Cisco, Cloudscaling, Dell, DeramHost, eNovance, Ericsson, Intel, Juniper Networks, Mirantis, Morphlabs, NEC, NetApp, Piston Cloud, VMware, Yahoo!

Upcoming OpenStack & Industry Events

NOVEMBER 5-8, 2013

  • May 24 DatacenterDynamics Converged
    Berlin, Germany
  • May 27 Building an OpenStack Cloud
    Tel-Aviv, Isreal
  • May 29 OpenStack CEE Day
    Budapest, Hungary
  • May 30 OpenStack at CeBit Australia
    Chicago, USA
  • June 11 OpenStack Israel
    Munich, Germany
  • June 19 OpenStack India Meetup
    San Francisco, USA
  • Jul 22 OpenStack DACH Day
    Portland, USA
  • August 24 OpenStack India Meetup
    Berlin, Germany
  • August 27 OpenStack Dublin Meetup
    Tel-Aviv, Isreal
  • September 29 Event
    Budapest, Hungary
  • September 30 Event
    Chicago, USA
  • October 11 Event
    Munich, Germany
  • October 19 Event
    San Francisco, USA
  • October 22 Event
    Portland, USA

OpenStack News

"150,000 [OpenStack] virtual machines will help solve mysteries of the Universe."

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Thoughts From Around The Community

Planet OpenStack is a collection of thoughts from the developers and other key players of the OpenStack projects.

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